We'll Diagnose

Computers need to be maintained, like any other machine. But running computer diagnostics can't become a full-time job when you have work to do (or games to play). The best way to deal with problems is to deal with them before they get serious.

A computer's performance naturally degrades over time. With that said, having an annual PC health check and diagnostics can help extend your computer's lifespan and keep it running in optimum condition.

Most modern computers make almost no noise while they operate. Any sign of whining, whirring, grinding, or clicking can be a danger sign. One of the most common components to fail on a computer is the fan - either those on the motherboard or the video card. An overheated video card can cause shutdowns, lockups, or even permanent hardware damage. Most of all, watch out for the distinctive "clicking" of a dying hard drive - it means the drive probably only has a little time left, and you need to backup as soon as possible!